Ready-To-Use Dispersions


—An Aqueous dispersion having high solids content, low viscosity formulation suitable for Direct Application on paper or plastic substrate for production of Thermal Paper.

Unique water based Dispersion

  • Can be used on all OFFLINE coating machines for production of Thermal Paper in a single application.
    • Solids : 46% ± 2%
    • Viscocity : 100 cps
    • PH : 7
    • Density :
    • Appearance : Milky white

Types of Applications

  • Supertherm is ideally suitable for

airknife rod coating gravure Airknife road coating gravure

The Supertherm Advantage

  • Dispersions highly versatile and homogenous
  • Suitable for all type of coating machines
  • No capital investment on color-kitchen
  • No Investment in technology
  • Low inventory Costs
  • Manufacturing can be integrated in current operations
  • Full technical support for setting up thermal production line
  • Minimizes Man power requirement

The Process


supertherm process

The Supertherm Package

  • Support with machinery sub-contractors to design production unit.
  • Supply of optimized recipes for meeting performance requirements
  • Support for production start-up
  • Training of Personnel
  • Supply of testing procedures
  • Continuous Customer Support

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