Ready-To-Use Dispersions


—An aqueous dispersion having a high solid content, low viscosity formulation for the manufacture of CF for Carbonless Paper - Compatible with All types of Microcapsules

Aaron Fine Chemicals is pleased to bring the latest Innovation in the field of Carbonless Paper Production

The reduction of multiple copies has brought about the necessity of lower Coat Weights, better images and Economics is Production

Super Coat CF – AD900 is a product designed to meet these requirements:

  • Reducing Inventory Costs
  • Reducing Man Power requirements
  • Saving grinding time and Chemical Wastage
  • Reducing Energy Consumption's

Salient Features

  • Ready-To-Use Dispersion
  • Lower Coat Weights
  • Reduces Energy & Inventory Costs
  • No Additional Chemicals Required
  • Dimensional Stability
  • High Brightness
  • Sharp Image
  • Excellent Smoothness


  • Fast Image Development
  • Long Lasting Images
  • No picking while printing
  • Suitable for online production
  • Can be used on Gravure and Flexxo printing machines


  • Solids 55% +/- 2%
  • Viscosity 60-80 CPS
  • Packing 225 KGS
  • Barrels

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