About Us

Horizons in Speciality Chemicals

Aaron Fine Chemicals is a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty, high value-added chemicals for offline Thermal/ Carbonless/ Barrier Coatings and specializes in providing innovative solutions for the Global Paper Coating Sectors

Carbonless paper is used in multi-part forms, such as invoices, insurance claim forms, medical claim forms and credit card receipts.

Thermal paper is used in a range of products including point of sale receipts, labels, event and travel tickets and facsimile paper.

When carbonless paper is subjected to pressure, and thermal paper to heat, these dyes and chemicals react to create an image on the paper.

Our Core Values

Our aim is to establish long-term relationship with our clients, to develop an understanding of their business and individual needs so as to provide solutions that challenge conventional methods.

At Aaron Fine Chemicals, we find the right chemistry between paper & chemicals !!