Carbonless Paper Chemicals


BLACKMIKRON is an aqueous emulsion of microcapsule for the production of carbonless copying papers. It contains no binder or spacer. The core material of each capsule consists of a mixture of black color formers dissolved in a liquid carrier. The average capsule diameter is about 4.5-6.0 micron. Mastersizer of MALVERN analyzed the particle size.

Temperatures below freezing point have no adverse effect on the integrity of capsules. The emulsion that has been frozen may be used again upon thawing.

Because BLACKMIKRON possesses highly impermeable shell, it is possible to manufacture self-contained copy paper in one pass by mixing BLACKMIKRON with CF coating slurry.

Typical properties:

  • Form: Aqueous emulsion
  • Solid contents: 49.0-51.0%
  • pH value: 7.00-9.00
  • Viscosity: 40-500 cps(at 25℃,Brookfield viscometer 60rpm)
  • Colour: Greyish White


  • Very good mechanical and storage stability.
  • Mononuclear capsules.
  • High copying intensity.
  • High solid content.

Method of application:

BLACKMIKRON may be applied in the concentrated or dilute form, depending upon the coating process.

The amounts of binder and spacer added can be adjusted to produce the desired properties of the finished paper. For example, higher amounts of these additives will result in a greater level of smudge resistance. At a slightly reduced copying intensity. On the other hand, lower amounts of binder and spacer will give better copying intensity with less concern on the smudge resistance.


200 kg net in drum.