Carbonless Paper Chemicals

Supercoat CD

Supercoat CD is a modified salicylate and binding phenol function group of the resin, in aqueous suspension form, designed to function as the primary leuco dye color developer in carbonless copy paper CF and CFB coatings. It is designed to work with a variety of CB products including those based on CVL, BLMB and the new black image leuco dyes.

It offers excellent print speed and intensity plus an image that has outstanding resistance to light fade. In addition, it exhibits superior storage stability properties, particularly in environments where high storage temperatures are likely to be encountered. Unlike various phenol-based developers, CF sheets made from Supercoat CD shows no yellowing tendencies to light. Supercoat CD exhibits excellent print speed even under the low temperature and the intensity is also super.

Supercoat CD is supplied as a fine particle, aqueous suspension ready to add to the other components of a complete coating formulation. Since no pre-grinding is required, the product is ideally suited for use by manufacturers who do not have, or do not wish to acquire wet grinding equipment or high speed, high shear mixers. Supercoat CD will remain stable over a wide range of pH.


Typical Properties

  • pH  : 6.± 1
  • Solid Content : 50 ± 1%
  • Viscosity : 100-500cps(at 25,Brookfield viscometer 60rpm)


Supercoat CD is used primarily in aqueous CF coatings for pressure sensitive chemical carbonless copy paper. It can be compounded with fillers, extenders, binders and other additives to form the final coating. Application of the coating can be done on any paper coater designed to handle water-based systems.
The applicator can be of the contact type such as trailing blade, doctor blade, or roll coater, or the non-contact type such as an air knife.
The amount of Supercoat CD can be adjusted to produce the desired properties of the finished paper. Generally, 12%-18% by weight based on dry CF coating formulation. Adding Supercoat CD in the pigment slurry after binder.


200kg net in plastic drum.


6-7 months